Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MId peek :)

The path to the front door...
I am so frazzled moving and all I want to do
 is get my shop going! I want to shop for the shop 
and decorate Bluebird Lane!!!
Here is the middle level there is a door to the 
left the leads to 
looking down at the front door
Hmm and what is up there?
Hubby dropped off a dozen large boxes
for me today now if I could just
get the windows dressed!
Soon I know it will all be done I am just so excited!

Have a tweet day!


Valarie said...

Hey doll...did you know that I am a drapery artist?? I am quite the sewer of custom drapes, and I wallpaper and paint like a pro. I think I need to fly to Cali and help you. haha
xxoo Valarie

Valarie said...
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Tammy @ said...


Did I say that I am SO JEALOUS!!! What fun, your head must be spinning. Love that you have so many rooms and levels, I heart shops like that!

Best wishes,

Callie said...

Wishing you much success with Bluebird Land. Hope you are all moved and settled soon.